Start your business today.

Start Your Business Today.

Supporting entrepreneurs in our own backyard

To improve the entrepreneurial climate in Casper, we looking for individuals who are interested in starting a business. The WTBC, through the Casper Start-Up Challenge, is providing a monetary incentive and the business support needed for contestants to act on their ideas. 

Each finalist will work closely with WTBC staff to develop his or her business idea in the Casper area. All finalists will gain business process knowledge as they progress through the phases of the competition regardless of the competition outcome, each finalist will be more prepared to launch his or her business.

The top three finalists will each receive $5,000 and be eligible to access the $50,000 Seed Fund. Please join us for an informational mixer at the WTBC for more information.

In all cases, we recommend at least a preliminary meeting with a WTBC staff member prior to the application deadline. Overall, counsel from WTBC or outside advisers is strongly advised throughout the process of the Casper Start-Up Challenge.

Proud sponsors of the 2019 Casper Start-Up Challenge include:

Read about last year’s finalists here.

Think You Have What It Takes?

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